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Alice B trained as a dancer at Italia Conti Stage School before gaining the School Scholarship at EAST 15 ACTING SCHOOL where she was nominated for a BBC Award. After she made the leap from acting to standup, Alice B started gigging for GEOFF WHITING . This led to entering ITV's Take The Mic Competition (which she won!)...and that led to a 10 minute spot at Manchesters COMEDY STORE... and also her first gig at the EDINBURGH drinking FESTIVAL  with BARBARA NICE (who really WAS NICE and hilariously funny !!!) (So Thanks Geoff !)  

Alice was well delighted (excuse the grammar she is from South London) to MC for HARRY HILL at the Hampstead Comedy Club...

Her first time in front of a television studio audience was on THE RUBY WAX  Show on BBC1 ( two episodes ) Ruby Wax was really encouraging and more importantly she is also a big fan of bright red lippy !...Alice also appeared in conversation on the BBC Ruby Wax Headroom series...

Alice is a big fan of IVOR DEMBINA who gave her her first ever proper gig at his Brixton Comedy Club, MIKE WILMOT was headlining that night and was inspirational... She went on to perform at  The Red Rose comedy club where she was excited to be on the bill with TV Favourites LEE MACK and JIM TAVARÉ  (not name dropping or anything) and also at the Hampstead Comedy Club...Alice has also attended a comedy workshop run by IVOR and learnt bloody loads from him e.g. that she is quite quirky and bitchy ha ha!  Go and see his Think Before You Laugh show !)

Alice has attended a workshop at The Comedy School run by RUDI LICKWOOD (what a cool dude!)..Alice recommends LOGAN MURRAY's book BE A GREAT STANDUP and loves his character act RONNIE's genius ! 

Alice has performed and MC'd at MIRTH CONTROL with NOEL JAMES headlining (one of Alice's other favourite comedians)...

When Alice did her first ever student gig, she didn't know quite what to expect (not being an academic kinda gal)  and SHAPPI KHORSANDI  who was performing at the gig gave Alice some very good advice 'cos Alice thought that as it was a 'University' that her material would have to be all intellectual and clever and basically completely different to her usual stuff... Shappi kindly told Alice just to do her usual filthy material and it went well after all phew  (Thanks Shappi!)...

Alice is quite good at putting her foot in it, which is good training for being able to blag on stage when things go wrong...She once did a promotion job for the switching on of the Christmas lights in London, with various other comedians all in panto costumes. Comedian and writer ARTHUR SMITH was in full dame gear and looked amazing with a big wig and his front tooth blacked out... Alice, dressed like Pocahontas and slightly merry on free champagne, decided to go and compliment Arthur on his outfit... She proceeded to tell him that he looked fabulous, really funny, especially his blacked out front tooth... He then told her that his tooth was not in fact blacked out but that it was actually missing ! (I can't remember why now, as it was so embarrassing although... maybe he was just winding me up hee hee ?*!  Must ask him someday)

Alice also appears on the standup circuit as Alice B doing various characters, talking about her crazy drama school experiences and also about having OCD. Alice also appears on radio, presenting topical comedy slots.

Alice B - Stand-Up and Workshop Coach

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